About Us

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

We’re just a couple of stay-at-home dads who thought it would be fun to write about our experiences couponing. We read some stuff on the Internet about how to save a lot of money using coupons, and we watched a couple of television shows, and we though, well, we can do that. And here we are now, ready to share our hard-earned wisdom with the reading public.

We’re probably unusual for the online coupon community. Most sites about couponing seem to be run by women, or at least, that’s the public persona that’s shown on the website. Our guess is that a lot more men are interested in saving money via coupons than you might think, and we’re going public.

That being said, we’re not 100% confident in going public. That’s why we’re writing here anonymously. If we get enough kind feedback in the form of positive comments on our posts here, we’ll probably go public with our identities and pictures.

So if you’re curious, leave comments. 🙂