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Other Coupons Sites – Information about finding coupons on breakfast related products. Includes sections for fast food, groceries, and sit-down restaurants. – One of the largest sources of printable coupons on the Internet.

Couponing Tips – A great resource where a family man shares his and his family’s experiences at saving money with coupons. Coffee lovers should enjoy the information published on this Website. – A site which provides multiple services to couponers. This Website has been publishing information about free printable coupons for several years. This Website has specialized in publishing information about coupons from soft drink companies. – Allison Ray’s blog about her adventures in the world of couponing. – Allison Ray’s site about finding discounts on organic foods and other organic products. – This is one of the three major companies that publish coupon inserts into your local newspaper. – User submit coupon codes and offers, and other users report how successful they are at using them. This is a nice, community-driven site. – Another of the large printable coupon sources on the Internet. – A service that will clip coupons for you and send them to you. – A lot of what I know about couponing, I learned from here.

Consumer Related Sites This site is not affiliated with the Atkinstm company at all. It is written by someone who has obviously learned to live the lifestyle. If you’re going to spend money eating out, then you should find out something about the restaurant first–oh yeah, and try some new things once in a while, too. – One of the most trustworthy source of information for consumers on the Internet. They’ve been publishing a magazine for decades. It’s worth far more than the subscription price. – Steve’s directory of Internet sites that he likes. He has diverse interests. – A guide to investing in the stock market. Has lots of additional personal finance information, too. – Jack Luna wrote the best book on personal privacy ever, How to Be Invisible. His site is full of tips on various aspects related to privacy, but he doesn’t limit himself to those topics. He also addresses success and personal finances. – He publishes how-to books about real estate investing, self-publishing, succeeding, and coaching youth football and baseball. His page evaluating the various real estate gurus’ products is essential reading. – The name of this blog makes it pretty clear what it’s about and who the target audience is. – Tips and advice about saving money and getting stuff for free. – The official site for the excellent book, Your Money or Your Life.

Hobbyist Sites – Informative site about one of the most commonly played types of darts in North America. – More information about card games than you ever knew even existed. This site is one of the most in-depth and informative amateur resources for devotees of the beloved family game.

ScrabbleRules.Net Another great site for people who want to learn more about how to play Scrabble. Provides reviews and articles for afficionados of war boardgaming.