Free Red Lobster Coupons [from 4 Frugal Sites]

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

Good seafood is a frustratingly hard thing to get sometimes. Either it’s overpriced and still not guaranteed to be good at a fancy restaurant, or it’s affordable but painfully bland at your average casual dining experience. That’s why Red Lobster continues to be popular even in this age of financial belt-tightening. They offer consistently tasty food at reasonable prices.

Even so, there are always ways to economize, and one of those ways is to use online coupons. Free offers for printable and online coupons abound, and all it takes is a modest bit off digging to save a substantial chunk of money on your next Red Lobster seafood delights. Coupons in 2024

When you’re looking for savings, it’s always best to start by going right to the source. Red Lobster’s own website has the option to sign up for their Club for Seafood Lovers. Just like any dining or shopping club, club members get access to special deals and promotions.

First of all, you get signed up for their mailing list. You’ll be the first to know about company wide promotions, local specials, and any printable coupons that Red Lobster makes available. All of this will be sent right to your email, leaving you nothing to do but collect your rewards. As another perk, you’ll receive a free birthday gift every year if you celebrate at Red Lobster, and who doesn’t love getting presents?

Retail Me Not Coupons in 2024 is a coupon gathering site. Users of the site submit coupons, deals, sales and promotions that they find for various stores and restaurants, Red Lobster included. They vote on which ones work the best, provide any coupon codes you’ll need to redeem online deals, link to printable coupons, or just inform you of big sales events you can take advantage of. For a short search, you can often find deals that save you quite a bit on your purchases.

Red Lobster’s deals listed on Retail Me Not as of May 2024 were rather nice, all things considered.

Four Course Seafood Feast for $15. That’s right, a four course seafood meal for less than a twenty. You get a soup, salad, a choice from seven entrees, and a dessert when you redeem this sale. There are some seafood places where you can barely get the entree itself for $15, let alone an entire four course meal. If you want to eat big, this is the way to go.

Another offering was for any two shrimp dishes for just $12.99 before tax. Again, that’s less than most seafood entrees at good places, so you’re really saving quite a bit with this sale. Take a friend and enjoy some surf and turf before the big game, or treat your boss to a nice dinner while you’re gunning for that big promotion.

DealsPlus Coupons in 2024

DealsPlus is another great coupon collecting site. You can find all sorts of deals, coupons, and special offers here with a little time and effort, so definitely take the time to check it out.

You can sign up for an email list, first of all. Just like with the Red Lobster membership club, you’ll have email updates for your favorite restaurant sent right to you, no extra work required on your part. Imagine having a rough week and then coming home to find a nice, half-price coupon to your favorite seafood place ready and waiting. Treat yourself, you’ve earned it!

There are also deals you can find by directly searching the site itself, under either deals or coupons.

Some nice deals circa the writing of this article:

$5 off coupon for a lunch or dinner. Simple and straightforward, head in and hand the coupon over and you save $5. It may not be a four course meal for $15, but it certainly makes it easier to add a nice dessert after you finish eating up.

$11.99 Festival of Shrimp. With this deal, you can get a shrimp entree, a salad, and unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits for twelve dollars. Another low-cost choice for delicious food that will fill you right up.

Facebook? Really? Yes! Coupons in 2024

Social Media are starting to inform more and more of the cultural dialog. That’s a fancy way of saying as more people go to Facebook and Twitter, more restaurants are going to advertise their deals and specials on their social media pages.

Sign up for Red Lobster’s Facebook page to get some extra deals you might not see as part of the Lobster Club. For example, a recent coupon offered $5 off any meal if you printed it off their Facebook page. Other sales and promotions are offered pretty regularly through the Facebook page, so you are losing out if you aren’t signed up as a member.

A Word of Caution

There are sites to be careful of online. We can’t list them all, but rather we’re hoping to give you some basic tips about how to carefully navigate when looking for coupons that you can apply at your favorite places.

If you just go to a search engine and type in “free coupons red lobster,” or some iteration thereof, you will find results pretty quickly, no question about it. But some of these sites can be troublesome and actually dangerous for you to use. Some are simply trying to get your email address so they can sell it to spammers, others are phishing for passwords or phone numbers to advertise to. Some even discreetly download malicious software onto your computer without your consent, again to get advertising details or microfinance transaction abilities.

You can protect yourself from this by sticking to reputable sites like those above, or going to forums where people discuss cheap shopping and coupon sites, and their experiences with them.

Final Words

Red Lobster has some of the best seafood around at a really affordable price. Saving a little bit of money makes it even more affordable, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself to a nice seafood feast now and again. Check out some of these coupons, and happy eating!