How to Find Ruby Tuesday Coupons [on 6 Websites]

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

Ruby Tuesday comes across as the quintessential casual-dining restaurant. They have a little of everything: Mexican inspired dishes, burgers and fries, classy seafood, fancy pastas, and a salad bar. Most restaurants go for a specific theme with their food, but Ruby Tuesday caters to everyone, so there’s always something you can find that you’ll like.

At first glance, there seems to be an equally extensive selection of ways to save on your dining experience at Ruby Tuesday by finding a number of online coupons. However, various printable and free coupon sites online seem to tell the same story with a little extra research – the best way to save with Ruby Tuesday is to get coupons FROM Ruby Tuesday.

Ruby Tuesday’s Website for Coupons in 2024

Go to the homepage of Ruby Tuesday to start with. No one knows the restaurant’s own deals better than they do, after all.

There is a program RT offers called ‘So Connected,’ that their guests can sign up for. So Connected is basically the membership/club card program, and allows access to unique offers. By providing your email and some basic information, you get signed up for a periodic newsletter and free email-only offers and promotions that save you money and increase the great food you can put on your plate.

As a bonus to the email coupons, you also receive a free burger when you celebrate your birthday with Ruby Tuesday, and special offers that can be redeemed at the bar for other events. A simple way to get some extra deals, this is a good first stop for Ruby Tuesday coupon hunters.

Facebook with Ruby Tuesday for Coupons in 2024

Check out the official Ruby Tuesday Facebook page for the occasional deal as well. We do mean occasional, though – usually RT uses the page as a reminder that you should stop by and eat. However, every now and then they plug special promotions and celebrations like the March Madness bracket event, or summer seasonal selections. Don’t expect tons of great offers, but you can find a neat deal here now and then.

Coupon Sherpa for Deals in 2024

This is a site with a lot of potential, but sadly it mainly illustrates the problem with trying to find free coupons online. The name seems promising, a whole site dedicated just to Ruby Tuesday coupons. Visiting the site itself reveals that the reality is a bit disappointing.

There are only a few entries available but they seem to be current. The deals offered seem good, such as a 50% off your order coupon, but there just aren’t enough of them to make this a viable site to visit.

On which note:

You read that right, a RT Coupons dot org site. Apparently a Ruby Tuesday fansite more than a dedicated coupon site, this one has a bit of a better selection to choose from than the previous choice.

$10 off two Entrees – sign up at Recyclebank, helpfully linked in the entry, and you can get this coupon. Most entrees are $10 or more, so it’s a good way to cut a third off a bill for two people if you like.

$15 Bonus for $50

Spend $50 or more, get a free bonus coupon to use on your next visit. This is less of an online coupon though, and more of an alert for how you can get a coupon in-store. Still, if you like eating regularly at Ruby Tuesday, this is a helpful way to save a little money in the process. Grab one if you’re having a big meal with four or more people.

However, most of the posts on are information about Ruby Tuesday rather than coupons. The site details everything from Ten Things You Might Not Know to details of class action lawsuits involving the company. It’s neat stuff if you’re a fan of the company for sure, but it isn’t exactly overflowing with coupons, making it an oddly named site at best.

We had a little bit more like here. While some of the deals listed have already expired, indicating the site isn’t updated very often, there were some coupon codes you can actually use online listed.

BOGO Coupons in 2024

The first was just a general Buy One Get One Free offer, the second was for BOGO up to $10. Again, taking $10 off any meal is nice, as it basically amounts to the cost of two alcoholic drinks or a single small entree or large appetizer. A useful coupon when you want to take a modest piece out of your bill.

Expired coupons that looked good and will probably come up again sometime:

25% off your total food purchase is a good deal. When you have a big party getting together to eat and celebrate an event, this is a must-have, so keep an eye out for them in the future for sure. These seemed to be the most common coupons listed, and they had varying expiration dates from January through March, so it stands to reason that they will be issued again in the future. Keep an eye out either here or on your favorite coupon hunting sites to see if you can snag an extra one.

Those seemed to be the big options, meaning these results beg the question:

So, what now?

Ruby Tuesday is better about coupons than some locations, such as McDonald’s. With Mickey D’s, you can’t really find any useful online coupons, only advertisements pointing back to the company’s new promotional items. Ruby Tuesday’s beats that kind of mentality out by having a functional email system that updates customers with upcoming deals and promotions. There just aren’t that many coupons that can be printed off for people to dig up online, it seems.

There are alternatives you can check out. Perhaps your local Ruby Tuesday has a twitter feed or their own facebook page, and advertises local deals or specials to their social media clients. Check with the managers over your local Ruby Tuesday restaurants and see if there’s a feed like that you can sign up for.