Get Free Subway Coupons [7 Best Sites to Check]

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

Of course people want coupons for Subway, because Subway makes good subs. For all the effort of other sub shops to move in on the business model, Subway has proven remarkably adaptable and capable of providing quality options you can’t necessarily get anywhere else.

It’s always nice to save a little money when you’re out for lunch, and saving money on a nice foot long sub is no exception. Fortunately, there are several places online where people can find free, digital, or printable sub coupons that will help them save plenty on their favorite deli meats and veggie toppings.

Sign Up, Save More in 2024

The very first thing you should do is go to the Subway website and sign up for their Offers and News email list. This is a no-hassle method, especially if you keep a separate email account for mailing lists like this.

Periodically, Subway will send members of their mailing list all kinds of news and promotions to choose from. Offers can include printable coupons, special promotional sales in your area, or even grand openings that you can attend when everything is discounted and delicious. Given that they do the work of sending you the most recent deals and offers, this really is an easy choice to make. If you like Subway and want to save money, sign up for their newsletter.

Online Choices for Subway Coupons in 2024

Of course, isn’t the only place to find information about deals and printable coupons. There are a host of online coupon and savings sites out there that bring a lot of the best deals together, and happily there are more than a few coupons for delicious Subway food to be found.

Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not is the consistent, perennial favorite of the online coupon world. It’s rare you can’t find a good deal for a restaurant at RMN, and Subway definitely has some nice offers up. What makes RMN particularly nice is that they have notes showing when the coupons were put up, as well as when they were last successfully used, so you can be sure you’re getting a fresh deal.

Some samples of current deals circa Summer 2024:

Free Gift – A sale good until 9 AM at most Subways. Buy a 6″ sub and get an equal or lesser value 6″ sub for free. Hey, if you want a nice black forest ham for breakfast, who are we to judge?

$5 Off – Order two sandwich platters online, put in the code DISCOUNT, and get $5 off your order. If you have one of the Subways that participates in the online ordering program, this is the deal for you.

Free Cookies! – If you get Subway to cater your next party, you can get a dozen free cookies to go with the deal.


DealsPlus is another coupon collecting site, and has two main features that visitors can use.

First is the ‘coupons’ feature, which is just what it says on the tin. You can print off coupons or collect coupon codes for use in online ordering. When there aren’t any coupons available, you can sign up for the email list and pick your favorite stores, and DealsPlus will send you emails with updates when the coupons arrive. Just like with signing up for Subway’s own mailing list, this is a low-hassle way to make sure you get the coupons you want when they’re available, so do it!

Recent Dealsplus listed deals:

Free $5 gift card to the first 5,555!

You can’t get a more simple explanation than this. The first 5,555 people who caught this deal scored themselves a free, no strings attached $5 gift card to Subway. If you were signed up to get flagged when Subway coupons became available, this would have been the deal for you.

Free Cookie with Mobile App

Sign up for the ZipYum mobile app, get a free subway cookie. We like cookies, we bet you do too or know someone who does.

$2 6″ Subs in May

We all know the $5 footlong deals that Subway likes to offer. Well, in some months you could pay $2 for a 6″ sub, and it doesn’t take a math whiz to see the savings there.  Subway brings back this promotion every year so keep an eye out for it!

These are just a few samples of past deals you could get at DealsPlus, so it should definitely be worth your time to check out when you get a free moment.

Printable Coupons is another great site to check out for coupons to places like Subway. A blog focusing on all sorts of coupon deals online, P-C is another resource you should flag to send you email alerts periodically.

At P-C, you can find deals like $3 for a breakfast combo: the 6″ sandwich of your choice and a drink, just for $3. Compare that to what you’d pay for a much smaller sandwich and a hash brown at McDonald’s, and you’re definitely coming out ahead on the breakfast list, right?


If you’re into combining the traditional with the online, you can check out eBay and see what their coupon pages are like. Some users collect coupons from various stores and offer them at cheap rates. Printable Coupons pointed this way to a fairly decent Subway page, in fact. But there is something fundamentally strange about paying for coupons, when so many of them can be found for free by looking online or in your local circular. Save your time and money, unless you happen to spy a book of a whole bunch of coupons you definitely intend to use for cheap.

Final Thoughts

Some restaurants really don’t try, figuring their prices and business will bring people in anyway. Subway isn’t like that. They offer a lot of coupons, and regularly update their deals and printable options for their customers. If you’re a fan of subs like we are, take the time to check out some of these sites and any others you might find to see if you can find a deal you like. You’ll be happy, the food will be great, and your wallet will be just a bit fatter.