Does Best Buy Offer Coupons or Other Special Discounts?

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

If you buy electronic merchandise such as CD and DvD players, computers, smart phones, and television sets — and I know that I do — you may spend a lot of time looking for good deals. I have to admit I have tried everything from buying stuff on eBay (sometimes you get a pretty good deal) to buying discounted stuff from Amazon sellers (not my best shopping experiences but okay).

Best Buy offers a pretty good shopping experience for me. Not only is there one situated just a couple of miles from my house, I don’t have to drive far to find another one. While that is an advantage of living near a major metropolitan city I know people who live well out in the country who also like to shop at Best Buy.

When you cannot find what you’re looking for at Target and Wal-mart or K-Mart about the only place left to go sometimes is Best Buy. But how do you know where and when you can get the best deals?

Well, I was surprised to learn they have a program called My Best Buy where you sign up for discounts and other rewards. You can even get free shipping on some orders, which is a pretty sweet deal considering that you can also order merchandise for “in-store pickup” from their Website. I have done that, too.

I have bought computers, music CDs, movies, and accessories from Best Buy through the years because I know they’ll take care of me as a customer. But lest you get the impression that I’m just shilling for Best Buy I’ll say that I have never used the warranties they sold me. Frankly, none of the stuff I buy goes bad before the warranties expire. I did not renew the last warranty to expire for that reason.

And I don’t much like the way their salespeople can descend on you en masse as soon as you walk in the door. I’m all for having a helpful salesperson around but sometimes I feel like a piece of meat in a sushi bar when I walk in there. So the online program sounds like a stress-free deal.

But maybe one of the best things about Best Buy is that they actively recycle electronics. If you have ever tried to unload old electronic gear you may know how frustrating it can be to find a recycle depot that takes TVs and computers. Best Buy will take that stuff off your hands. How sweet is that?

Look, if you want to know whether Best Buy has coupons and discounts, of course they do. Just sign up for their online program and you’ll receive plenty of emails. But you can also see their latest deals when you walk into the store. Best Buy follows many of the best practices that large retailers do; they promote the heck out of the savings they offer and they do have some pretty smart technical people who can solve all sorts of problems.