FTD and ProFlowers: Printable Flower Coupons and Promo Codes

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

FTD Coupons 2024

When people want to download flower coupons, the first two florist companies they should consider are FTD and ProFlowers. Florists’ Transworld Delivery is the longtime heavyweight in the industry, best known for its Hermes logo. ProFlowers is a more recent online startup (1998), which grew so quickly that FTD once sued it for unfair business practices.

I’ll discuss both of these flower vendors and discuss how to find and print off promo codes for each of their operations. Some of the coupon code information will be for online sales, while other info is going to include walk-in purchases. When I find good savings and discounts with other floral providers, I’ll do so. In shorter notes, I’ll discuss 1-800-Flowers , Teleflora, Bloomex, and the Petals Network.

Printable FTD Coupons in 2024

Go to RetailMeNot and you’ll find a nice 20% off sitewide flowers, plants, and gifts at FTD. This includes same day delivery. This item is a staff pick on RetailMeNot, with 530 votes by shoppers who reviewed the promotion. I’ve been on Retail-Me-Not many times in the last few years and, most of the time, listed items might have a dozen or two reviewers. Having hundreds is an indication of how widespread and popular this promotional offer is.

If the above code isn’t quick what you’re looking for, the 20% off birthday gifts offer might fill the need. Once again, this sale has same-day delivery and was last successful used just two days ago. No code is required; all you have to do is click to activate.

Gift Basket Discounts in 2024

You’ll find a similar 20% in savings on all gift baskets at FTD, including baskets which has Godiva Chocolates, Mrs. Fields Cookies, and Starbucks Coffee.

Dozen Roses FTD Promotion in 2024

Another discount offers $10 off a dozen roses. Any man who’s ever bought his wife, girlfriend, or significant other a simple dozen roses knows how expensive rose baskets can be. Getting ten bucks off the product helps keep the transaction somewhat affordable. I always suggest to young men they hold off on the dozen flowers in the beginning, because that’s coming on too strong. To begin, one simple rose is better, because the girl or woman is going to come to expect twelves roses if you start out with that many. Besides, they might think you’re seeming too eager–but this bargain would make it hard not to splurge.

Free 10% Off Gifts Coupon

Anyone wanting to purchase gifts through FTD can go online the free printable discounts for 10% off any gifts bought at FTD, too. This includes everything from chocolate to jewelry. You might not know that you can buy more than just floral arrangements, but FTD has to compete against more aggressive competitors than in earlier generations, so it offers all sorts of gift ideas so for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or holidays. This code has a 100% success rate on Retail Me Not, though you should know that a more limited, yet similar, offer gives you 25% off plants, flowers, and gifts for special occasions. Once again, the success rate is 100% and the last successful use was only 3 days ago.

If you want specific gift ideas, you might take a look at the Heart Bouquet, which is selling all month for $39.99. The Sweet Splendor Bouquet has a $10 off promotion on it through the end of the month. Their College Rose Collection is a nice gift for your friends and love ones about to go back to college in the fall.

ProFlowers Coupon Offers in 2024

Earlier, I made a reference to FTD’s major competition: ProFlowers. ProFlowers is an online flower merchant which sells across the nation. The people at Pro-Flowers have long claimed they eliminate the middle men when it comes to delivering flowers from the flower-producing regins of California, Washington state, Florida, and Hawaii. California represents about 75% of ProFlowers’s production and the company’s public relations suggest they get their cut flowers to the buyer quicker and more efficiently than their competitors. This means fresher arrangements and lower prices.

Not only that, but Proflowers promises their products come from growers who implement fair working conditions and maintain high standards when it comes to working hours, transportation, labor relations, and housing conditions. Also, Proflowers assures their customers they take extra measures to protect the environment. I’m not sure if any of those statements are accurate, since ProFlowers and FTD have gone to court over such claims (and was never quite resolved). But this company offers good deals on potted plants and floral arrangements, so I wanted to highlight some of these deals before we moved on.

20% Off $39+ Orders in 2024

One of the bargains I found was a blanket 20% off any of the best selling flowers when you make a purchase for $39 and over. This includes arrangements of roses, carnations, gardenias, lilies, orchids, daisies, azaleas, hydrangeas, and even evergreen orders. People buying any spring flowers starting at $19.99 and more also get a free vase. All you have to do is click on the code’s link to activate the bargain.Other deals include 15% off funeral flowers, deals on gourmet treats like cake pops and yogurt berries.

40% Off Two Dozen Roses

For the young man who didn’t follow my advice above and is in the unenviable position of trying to top a dozen red roses, the 40% off 24 red roses bargain was made for you. You can buy two dozen long stem roses for almost the same price you would normally pay for a twelve-rose assortment. The cost is only $29.99 for 24 roses.

Flower Sellers on Social Networking Sites in 2024

I should mention that you can go to the FTD Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more about the printable sells offered throughout the year. The ProFlowers Twitter and Facebook pages are also top hubs for social networking with North America’s biggest flower gift sellers. I’ve noticed that Steve gives same-day answers to questions from customers about flowers you buy through the company. I’ve read that the best way to get customer service these days is to post on a company’s social networking pages, because the company’s employees answer quickly, hoping not to look bad. Even better, this is where you can learn about more coupons and promo codes for 2017, 2018, and beyond.