How to Find the Best Coupon Deals

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

Coupon deals are everywhere these days. The promotion and distribution of coupons is big business because retailers are constantly fighting the consumers’ tendency to look for better deals elsewhere. There is an old marketing principle can be summed up as every consumer spends more time doing business with other people than with you, so the more time your customers spend doing business with you, the more business they will do with you.

And that is why coupons are such a big deal for retailers. And because coupons are a big deal for retailers they are a big deal for Websites that offer you endless series of coupon codes. Those coupon code Websites are getting their data from “feeds” that are updated by the retailers. But how many coupon deals do you need if you’re not in the market for vacuum cleaners and discount furniture?

What Makes a Coupon BEST For You in 2024?

That’s the real question: how do you find the best coupons for your needs? Should you spend your time scouring all the coupon Websites looking for those hot deals, or is there a better way? I submit that there is, in fact, a better way. First, start by saving time when you use coupons. Being smart when searching for coupons will save you money in ways you didn’t anticipate.

Second, adjust your shopping habits. Buy only what you need, not what is on sale. One of the most common mistakes that new coupon users make is to buy whatever they see on sale, thinking they will save money.

You save money by NOT SPENDING it. That is the ONLY way you save money.

Until you need toilet paper, you don’t need to buy toilet paper. So the best coupons you can find are the coupons that are EASY to find and which you REALLY NEED.

Plan Ahead for Those Big Savings in 2024

If you are convinced that buying in bulk is really the way to go, then you have to adjust your shopping calendar. Instead of buying what you need every week you plan on buying some things that you need every week, but you rarely buy these items more than once a month.

This kind of shopping schedule gives you time to acquire coupons from retailers and manufacturers that you can use at a later date. By organizing your shopping trips in advance, knowing which items you will buy on a week-by-week basis, you can arrange your coupons according to those shopping trips.

And so now when you get a coupon for 10% off toilet paper you can hang on to that coupon until it’s time to buy in bulk again. Most coupons are good from 4-8 weeks after they are sent out. You will buy 95% of all the consumables you need in daily living at least once in the next 4-8 weeks, so really useful coupons won’t go to waste if you set them aside for a planned, scheduled shopping trip.

Brand Coupons Alone May Not Save You the Most Money

Coupon shoppers have a running debate with store-brand shoppers: no matter how much you save on the brand names, the store-brands are almost always cheaper. And these days store brands are about the same quality as brand items, only just packaged less expensively.

But if you’re determined to stay loyal to certain brand items then saving your coupons until those items goes on sale maximizes your savings. So you want to use brand coupons that have long lifespans. In other words, match your brand coupons to local retailer sales. Better yet, if you can get the brand items on clearance AND use coupons you’ll save even more money. Always check the clearance items to see which brands are available.

Using brand coupons only during sales and on clearance merchandise can really save you a lot of money.

Build Relationships with Your Regular Retailers in 2024

You can sign up at many companies’ Websites to see the latest coupons and discounts. In addition to these deals you may find special online offers not available in stores. These prices may not even be published through shopping comparison Websites.

So start thinking about your “club membership” as a broad coupon that is always available for certain online purchases. On some retailers’ Websites you can even sign up for email alerts when certain items go on sale.

Not all your discount shopping needs to be done in person. You can also look for In-store delivery and pickup on Internet-only deals. Any deal where you save on shipping is a great deal as long as you’re getting the best available price, too.

Coupons are no longer just little pieces of printed paper and cardboard. Coupons have moved into the digital age and they may be codes you type in to order forms, membership IDs you use, or discount cards you can buy and use everywhere.