IPad Coupons: Printable Deals for Apple Tablet Computers

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

Home electronics and household appliances are some of the most expensive purchases most average Americans make in a year. Whether you need to buy a new television set, blu-ray player, stereo, computer, or oven, electric devices are priced too high. Shoppers can search for the best bargains and only purchase during sales, but this is an inconvenient way to purchase what you need. Buying with the current top electronics coupon codes is a better way to save money, because it lets you get discounts any time of the year.

$50 Off Apple iPad Apps

When you go to the Apple Store to buy an iPad for college, remember to download the $50 discount on iPad apps. These don’t have to be educational applications, but give you killer apps including games, music, and other entertainment software–all with the price reduced fifty dollars. Remember, this is only valid at the Apple Store. I found an early offer at RetailMeNot for $100 apps at the Apple Store, so you might be able to get a better offer. This is a “Staff Pick” and, at the time of this writing, was last used successfully only 8 hours ago.

Education is important to the Apple Corporation, since educated people want high tech gadgets and tend to have the cash to buy such devices. Therefore, you’ll find many incentives at the Apple Store site for people who attain an advanced education. University students, faculty, and staff needing a new Mac computer are a $200 cashback when they buy a new Mac. This deal exclused iPads, so you won’t be able to buy the trendiest new tablet computers. Otherwise, this staff pick at Retail-Me-Not is about as good of an offer as you’ll find. This deal runs through most of 2014, as this free coupon code was last successfully used only 4 days ago.

Apple Back to School – College Prerequisites

When you go to the Apple Store, find the campaigns page that says “Apple Back to School” and “College Prerequisites”. You’ll find a button to click which gives you a $100 Back to School Gift Card for musics, movies, books, and apps. This offer extends between June 11 and September 21. Remember, if you choose the MacIntosh option, you can save even more when you use the Apple Education Pricing.

Those who don’t want a gift card can instead take the $50 offer, which gives you the $50 discount when you buy an iPad.

Apple-Certificed Mac Notebooks and Desktops

Those who want a good Apple computer, but don’t have the financial resources to buy a brand new computing device also have options at the Apple Stores. Among the special deals offered on RetailMeNot, you can buy Apple-certified Mac notebooks and desktops. You probably know how much is cut off a certified pre-owned car, so you’ll be able to guess that a pre-owned computer allows you to get upgrades to your hardware while having a once-in-a-lifetime price. Don’t assume these computers are going to be out-of-date or broken down. Many people are early adopters, or they’re wanting to trade in their traditional computers for tablets. A lot of next-to-new desktops and laptop notebooks get sold for a little bit of nothing.

White iPod Touch Offer – $199 Plus Free Shipping

Tablet computers are starting to dominate the market. I saw recently that tablets computers are likely to outsell desktop devices in the coming years–perhaps as early as 2015. Especially among the younger generation, more people each year want to use the one-touch gadgets instead of the one-click mouse-driven computer operations. Tablet computers are handier for millennials, who often prefer to use their iPad while riding on the subway into work, instead of driving in with the rest of the people in the traffic jam.

Free Printable IPod Nano Promotion

Shoppers also have the option of big discounts on the multi-touch, multi-talented iPod Nano device, which starts at $129.00. Not only do you get the iPod Nano for a discounted price, but you’ll also receive free shipping.

Apple App Store on Facebook

Learn about everyday offers on the Apple Store by visiting the Facebook page for your Apple Computers store. Read about the latest promotions, play at the Game Center, look through the Apps Collections for everything, or download the free App of the Week. At present, the latest app is Amazing Alex, from the makers of Dirty Birds.

The App Store Twitter feed allows you to get official AppStore tweets, including exclusive offers, featured apps, and a community of other Apple MacIntosh fanatics. Besides getting a heads-up on the best and latest downloads, you’ll have your selection of killer apps like Evernote, Temple Run: Brave, CSR Racing, Asphalt 7: Heat, and 360Panorama.

Hewlett-Packard Sitewide Savings

If you decide to make purchases at the HP Home & Home Office Store, you should consider searching their site for coupons and savings codes.  For example, if you were to buy the HP ProDesk 600 G1 Desktop Mini you could have used the savings code “K1K25UT#ABA” until December 31, 2014. This HP coupon would reduce your purchase price by $50.

HP Inkjet Cartridges – Buy 1, Get 1 Free

One of the best deals any online coupon printer can get is a buy-1, get-1-free offer from Hewlett-Packard. Others might have noticed this, too, but the pricing on computer printers are outrageous these days. The inkjet manufacturers have gotten clever, though. It’s not the actually printing devices themselves which cost–stores are practically giving these away.

No, it’s the cost of ink cartridges which are outrageous. You might find a good printer selling for $50 or $60 anymore, but a simple cartridge of black ink is going to cost you $15.00. If you decide to buy a double-cartridge with both black-and-white and color, you’ll find these selling for $30.00. This is the main (only) cost of printing off printable electronics coupons, so getting a two-for-one discount on your inkjet cartridges is a huge bargain.