Tea Coupons: Printable Deals for Lipton, Tazo, Arizona, and SoBe

Read about great coupon deals and savings for August 2023.

Lipton Tea Coupons in 2024

Tea coupons provide savings on home-brewed products and bottled tea brands. Drinking unsweetened tea is a healthier way to get your caffeine than soft drinks and the caffeine content doesn’t put you on-edge as much as drinking coffee does. Especially in the warm weather months, drinking refreshing beverages from the leading tea breweries is a way to stay healthy and maintain your energy levels and concentration.

Of course, drinking tea can be expensive, especially when you buy the bottled drinks found in the vending boxes at the checkout line. Arming yourself with a few of the best consumer coupon codes help you save $0.50 and $1.00 here and there. That might not sound like much any given day, but if you drink one or two bottled teas every work day and you’re getting coupon discounts all the time, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. That’s a significant amount, because it turns into tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. So let’s talk about where you find good printable coupons and how you use them to save you and your family tons of money.

Tea Brands in the United States in 2024

In the 21st century, the American tea market is divided into two major categories: loose tea and bottled tea. “Loose tea” is the kind you buy at the store in packages of tea bags and take home to brew. Brands like Lipton, Nestea, Tetley, Upton, and Luzianne dominate this market. Bottled tea has some of the same players, though these companies are often distributed by the cola bottling companies in many parts of the country. Major players in this niche include familiar traditional names like Lipton and Nestea, but also Snapple, SoBe, and Arizona.

Bottled Tea Coupons in 2024

When it’s time to find discounts for bottled brands, go to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Many of these companies try to be young and hip, so they use the social media to promote their products fairly aggressively. That’s good for you, because many of the Facebook pages for brewed drinks offer printable coupons. Most of the time, all you’ll have to do is like their Facebook page or even click on their promotions page for a one-click printoff feature.

After I mentioned the newer brewed beverage companies, I thought how I should have mentioned that even the traditional corporations like Lipton have learned the power of the social networking website. So I don’t mislead, let me point you to the Facebook page for Lipton bottled tea.

Lipton Iced Tea US Coupons in 2024

The Lipton page doesn’t have coupons right now, but that’s no reason to avoid the site. They have a page where you can sign up for a newsletter to be notified of special promotions.  The newsletter is for all Unilever brands so you’ll probably reel in more offers than you can handle.

Besides the Unilever newsletter you can also check your local grocer’s weekly advertising inserts.  Most grocers make them available at the front of the store but if you register as a user for their Websites you can typically download or browse the weekly deals in your neighborhood.  This is a great way to find out when Lipton and other products go on sale.

Tazo Tea Coupons 2024

Tazo had a nice $2 off any 2 bottles of their brand in the past. While that offer isn’t in effect right now, many companies who have a successful ad campaign one year will offer a similar deal the next one. Since this got a lot of attention with the online coupon shopper crowd, I expect you’ll be seeing a $1/1 or $2/2 offer again sometime in the near future.

Arizona Tea Coupons – 20% Off

The best Arizona-T coupons at the moment is the 20% off any drink or beverage, said to be the “code for the new AZ ambassador”. The code is “ILUVAZ”, which was posted online two full years ago, but was last used successfully only 18 days ago. This code has a 77% success rate on RetailMeNot, my favorite free Internet printable coupon site. Another ArizonaTea promo code yo might try is “124092243″, which gives $1.50 off a bottle of Arizona tea. This coupon has a 67% success rate, though this promotion appears to be ending soon. That’s an excellent discount, so I’m not sure if a similar offer will be forthcoming anytime soon.

SoBe Discounts – $5.00 Per 10-Pack

You can get a $5.00 discounted charge on SoBe drinks without even using a coupon right now. SoBe offers fruit drinks, teas, and alternative beverage choices for those who are really thirsty. I’ve always like SoBe because it’s drink menu is so different than any of its competitors, it provides a unique drinking experience. Their brands have a $5.00 off a 10/10 package, meaning you’ll get each drink for about 50 cents apiece.

More Tea Coupon Codes in 2024

Go to any of the leading online printable coupon websites and you’ll find all sort of premium tea merchants who sell their products through traditional markets or over the Internet. Search using companies like these fine examples: Keurig, Harney & Sons, RepublicofTea, Mighty Leaf, EnglishTeaStore, Two If By Tea, Peets Coffee & T, Twinings, Adagio, TeaForte, DrinkArizona, StashTea, Teavana, Boba TeaDirect, RevolutionTea, and Rishi.